AstroCalc 6.3

Astrocalc is a program designed to perform astrological calculations (See all)

AstroCalc is a program that will let you make natal charts for any person.
This program can be used by professional or amateur astrologers. It can create, print and save the charts in the right category of the internal database. You can make the chart just by entering the data that the program will ask, such as the client´s name, date and time of birth, country, place, latitude and longitude, and time zone. The AstroCalc will then produce the natal chart for that client, and will display it on your screen. You can then modify any setting that you want, like the Wheel Options (planet, aspects, degree numbers, house cusps, number and cirlcles) as well as the visualization settings, such as the size of the symbols or the text.

AstroCalc is able to store each Natal Chart into the database. You can then use the name of the client to look for a given chart, should you need to consult it in the future.

You can use the trial version of this software once. After that, the system will not run the program.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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